Episcopal Bishop Searches

Wel­come to an unof­fi­cial list­ing of all of the elec­tions for bish­op cur­rent­ly tak­ing place in the Epis­co­pal Church.

Current to 10 July 2024 | 368 updates since October 2018

Upcoming elections and consecrations (by next date)

Rochester, con­sents received, con­se­cra­tion 13 July 2024
Mis­sis­sip­pi, con­sents received, con­se­cra­tion 20 July 2024
Olympia, con­sents received, con­se­cra­tion 14 Sep­tem­ber 2024
Mass­a­chu­setts, con­sents received, con­se­cra­tion 19 Octo­ber 2024
West Texas (suf­fra­gan), elec­tion 19 Octo­ber 2024
West Mis­souri, elec­tion 9 Novem­ber 2024, con­se­cra­tion 3 May 2025
Dal­las (coad­ju­tor), elec­tion 3 May 2025
Flori­da, con­sents not received [search web­site removed]

8/96 domes­tic dioceses

Reorganizations (alphabetical)

Beth­le­hem and
Cen­tral Penn­syl­va­nia, reuni­fi­ca­tion in progress
Indi­anapo­lis, and
North­ern Indi­ana, reuni­fi­ca­tion dis­cern­ment in progress

4/96 domes­tic dioceses

Provisional bishops (alphabetical)

North Dako­ta, pro­vi­sion­al bish­op elect­ed 7 Jan­u­ary 2024
Olympia, retire­ment announced 15 July 2022, pro­vi­sion­al bish­op announced 6 Octo­ber 2022, bish­op pro­vi­sion­al des­ig­nate in office 2 Jan­u­ary 2023, con­sents received
Wyoming, assist­ing bish­op fol­low­ing March 2024 depo­si­tion of diocesan

3/96 domes­tic dioceses


Illus­tra­tions are adapt­ed from the Ordi­nal of the Coro­na­tion Prayer Book of King Edward VII, 1904, C.R. Ashbee.